8 Nov 2011

Speed blogging

H/Ts to ML and BS
* "The project was done as part of a graduate diploma program"


  1. I saw your comments on our report. I would certainly be interested to know why you found it painful? Were you referring to our writing as babble or the content we were analysing?

  2. @AB -- I am generally disappointed with the lack of IMPACT from all of these press releases. I was at UN water's presentation last week in Bonn, and found it to be totally vague. This may be the result of a document negotiated by 20+ bureaucracies, but that's not what we need from the international water bureaucracy. We need swift, simple and accurate solutions to problems.

  3. @DZ -- Fair enough. So are we and the point of our paper is exactly that. That there needs to be progress and we make some concrete suggestions for how language should be used.

    From what you say you don’t actually appear to have an issue with our report, rather with the Declarations and lack of clarity/action. If that is the case your post “shoots the messenger” and is perhaps worthy of further clarification.

  4. @Ab -- Agreed! Perhaps you can issue grades (A-F) in terms of the impact of each statement on subsequent actions AND perhaps issue an "alternative communique" that (1) suggests what needed to be said and (2) rephrases (honestly and clearly) what was (NOT) promised in each communique. I'd be a BIG fan of THAT kind of messenger.

  5. As we say in the report, we were just looking at the language, not the impacts. Others (cited in the report) have attempted to look at the latter.


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