4 Nov 2011

Speed blogging

  • A very interesting paper [DOC] discussing "third party regulation" and competition -- similar to my idea of using insurance to promote competition and Ofwat's (England and Wales) idea of allowing outsiders to pay "common carriage" prices for access to a monopolist's distribution network. In related news, Ceres has released its "Aqua Gauge" of company water stewardship/strategy. I worry that it's too inaccurate and lacks incentives to report and perform that are present in my idea for insurance (link above).

  • Barraque discusses [PDF] how moving to meters may not make sense in places where water scarcity (and individual consumption) are not an issue. He further demolishes the case for increasing block rates where headcounts are not available.

  • A comparison [PDF] of water policy in S Africa and Chile

  • A nice discussion of the economics of water [PDF] by Quentin Grafton.

  • Ferraro and Price describe [PDF] how non-price strategies can deduce demand for water:
    The data, drawn from more than 100,000 households, indicate that social comparison messages had a greater influence on behavior than simple pro-social messages or technical information alone. Moreover, our data suggest social comparison messages are most effective among households identified as the least price sensitive: high-users.
H/Ts to SJ, ML and CV

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