3 Nov 2011

A simple rower, for the water

Giacomo writes to me (and you!), asking for your involvement in his little journey:
I travel on a little wooden boat, by fair means, oars and sail, from London to Istanbul, a 5200 km journey across the rivers of Europe, by rowing & sailing, to talk about water protection, sustainable tourism, local economies.

If you will have a moment, please, visit my web site

Be part of this project, come aboard next year, from Budapest to Istanbul. One hour, one day, one week. And then ideas, new projects. I am opening for the winter a social cafè on an old tug boat, to talk about new world, old world, water and intelligence.

Virtual reality and real people.

We need people and more. Energy.
He's a cool guy. Visit his website -- and go visit him in Budapest!

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