30 Nov 2011

Notes from AWRA -- water marketing

I was pleased participate in sessions (37 and 42A) on water markets in the Western US at the ARWA.*

"Turning Blue into Green" [MP3] and [web] by Chris Corbin

"Developing a Price Index for Water Rights in the American West" [MP3] and [PDF] by Matthew Payne (with Mark Griffin Smith and Clay J. Landry)

"Suggestions for Enhancing Water Markets in New Mexico" [MP3] and [PPTX] by Scott Armstrong

"Stakeholder Perspectives on Allocating Water by Auction in Arizona" [MP3] and [PDF presentation and notes] by Taylor Shipman (with Mark Myers)

Here's an MP3 of the Q & A with that panel.

"A Tale of Marketing Irrigation Water: California's PVID and IID" [MP3] and [PDF] by me!

Bottom Line: A lot of great insights on the different institutions affecting water marketing!

* Speaking of markets, here's a great post on all-in-auctions written by Abraham Abhishek (Program Coordinator at MetaMeta).

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