30 Nov 2011

Meanwhile, in Westlands the Twilight Zone

RM and JM sent me the news that former Judge Wanger, who ruled on many cases affecting Westlands Water District (WWD), would be "joining" WWD as legal council of some sort.

(Coverage from Fresno, Los Angeles, and Sacramento)

On the one hand, this is a serious WTF move for a guy who recently ruled that federal environmental employees exaggerated their facts to defend the environment (i.e., that WWD deserved more water).

On the other hand, Wanger is merely moving from one branch of government (judicial) to another (WWD is a "public corporation").*

But forget that. This is just about as crazy as former German Chancellor Schroeder going to work for the Russians, i.e., a spectacular violation of any man's idea of "conflict of interest."

But that never kept WWD from hiring the best and the brightest connected. WWD, after all, is a corporation whose sole purpose is NOT farming, but sucking the largest volume of cash out of various government branches.

The only thing sadder than the bureaucrats who dump cash on WWD is the so-called "public servants" who join WWD to get more of that cash.

Bottom Line: Money talks, and Westlands is hiring.
* Need more info on WWD? Listen to my five hours of conversation with WWD's chief, Tom Birmingham.