4 Nov 2011

Friday party!

And now a word on freedom of speech:

And don't forget that tomorrow is the 5th of November -- once a holiday in thanks for the continued reign of the king, but now associated with calling government to account. What your government done for you lately? And what's your return on investment (taxes)?


Alex Trembath said...

Not to beat a head horse, but since you asked... ;)

What has the government done for me lately?

Roads, highways, bridges, railroads, air travel, schools, police, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, UC education, civil defense, national defense, freedom to worship, freedom of expression, speed limits, drunk driving limits, food quality regulations, biotechnology, solar panels, nuclear power, natural gas, semiconductors, microchips, jet engines, personal computers, GPS, the accelerometer, cell phones, and the Internet.

Is there waste? Yes. Could we reform welfare, particularly medical insurance? Yes. Are politicians often blowhards and bureaucrats often ineffective? Yes.

But my comparison is to America 150 years ago and how billions of people live today under different governments, which makes me feel EXTREMELY blessed. Your comparison is to a nearly completely free-market economy, which has never ever been successfully employed on a grand scale in human history.

There are things government can and must do better. Such is the nature of progressivism. But let's not ignore how blessed we are as Americans for the life that the federal government has given us.

David Zetland said...

@Alex -- (1) The Federal government is NOT a person that gives us stuff like Santa. It's a machine that takes taxes in and produces output. Some of the output is worth less than the cost (name a few dams), other output is less than worthless (ethanol program), other output could be done, better, by private enterprise (Amtrak, postal service), and then there's some stuff that government has done well and can't be done better (law and order).

Your list needs a similar segmentation, unless you think "all government stuff is good stuff" -- and I hope you don't.

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