26 Nov 2011

Flashback: 21 -- 27 Nov

A year later and still worth a read...

Do smaller water footprints lead to bigger profits? (No). Just got this idea accepted as an abstract for a journal article. Great.

Change is hard until you Free your mind from the "traditional" way of doing things. At a minimum, reassess WHY you do them.

That post reminds me of an old, but insightful, joke:
A guy is at his in-laws for Thanksgiving. His wife takes the ham out of the package, cuts off one end and tosses it in the garbage and then puts the rest into the pan for baking.

He asks his wife, "why did you throw away that end? Looks good to me."

She says "well, that's the way my mom prepared the ham. Go ask her why."

He goes to the mom and asks her. She says "well, that's what my mom used to do. Go ask her."

Luckily, grandma is in the living room, watching all the kids run around.

"Hey grandma, why is it that you always cut the end off the ham?"

Grandma says...

"Well, I don't know if you remember, but I had a pan, and it was only so big, so I had to cut off the end to make it fit."
Bottom Line: Make sure that you treat the ham according to the pan you have NOW.

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