19 Nov 2011

Flashback: 14 -- 20 Nov

A year later and still worth a read...

Oh.My.God. Republicans took control of Congressional committees last year. Has it done any good? (Is that a rhetorical question? Would the democrats do any better?)

A Model Free Trade Law -- good example for you small government types.

What you eat affects the planet -- the environmental food pyramids (like population impact) are far more important than low-carbon technologies. Food waste in developed countries, for example, is the result markets responding to consumer desires. Can't make a law to "fix" that -- need people to change their habits, which is kinda tough.

Water and financial risk -- How to avoid it (scarcity pricing).

Water Disclosure Project -- another year, another press release. I want to see how these disclosures affect poor governance by the people who SELL water to these companies.

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