22 Nov 2011

Bleg: Drupal programmer?

Does anyone have some time to help me set up a database behind Step 1 of the water data hub? I'd love to do it, but fear the learning curve!


Eric said...

Are you looking for programmers who can use Drupal to make pretty websites or for programmers who understand the subtleties of nuanced databases?
These are usually different people.

FYI--We have the flexible next generation database that you need. It is not clear how much work it would be to organize the database/knowledge base for your needs. Connecting it to Drupal looks straightforward.

David Snopek said...

H2OScore.com is built on Drupal and we currently deal with over 20 million data points for the 10 municipalities we have. So, we have a little Drupal expertise. :-)

That said, I'm not sure we're in any position to embark on a new project like this. But if you need something more along the lines of advice/consulting rather than completeling the actual work, I'd be happy to help!

Best regards,

David Zetland said...

@Eric and David -- right now I just need a simple database and wiki site. After time, we may need something complex to link to /aggregate outside data sources. Pretty is ok, as long as it loads fast and is easy to navigate. I will ask for your opinion once I get a beta posted. Thanks!

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