1 Oct 2011

Flashback: 26 Sep -- 2 Oct

A year later and still worth a read...

Mulroy's propaganda -- has not died down in a year. Pity.

Free water? WTF? Schools have to provide free water -- by law.

Can politicians overcome bias? Richard Howitt and Jeffrey Michael worked together to reconcile their estimates for job losses due to cuts in agricultural water. Politicians ignored those results and kept talking about the wrong numbers so they could beg for more ag water.

Institutionalized racism -- Sowell is a genius.

30 months of aguanomics -- that was a year (and 600 posts) ago! I'll put up a detailed "report" in 6 months, but -- for now - I am glad that I've got my job in the Netherlands and have finished the book :)

Special note: TWO years ago, I discussed Stalin's Reincarnation. Now Putin is taking over again (I hate to be right this way).

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