10 Oct 2011

Contest -- Dealing with the End of Abundance

Several readers responded to the contest to win a (signed) copy of The End of Abundance with "the best example of the end of abundance in water and how people addressed/solved the problem." I will post one story per day over the next week for you to read. Voting will take place during the following two weeks, so that you readers can choose the best story (according to your own subjective opinion).

One reader notes:
Your readership has not had to confront "the end of abundance" issue. You may be addressing the first billion while the extreme effects of the situation are closer to the next billion and closest to the bottom of the pyramid of poverty. Those folks are probably not reading your blog.
Although this observation may be true in terms of your water service, I think that you will understand a good example of the end of abundance when you see it. So do a good job!

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