5 Oct 2011

Bottled water banned on campus

This is a stupid idea. (It's even more stupid when they give away steel bottles -- manufactured with a lot of resources -- that students put on the shelf!) People are not forced to use bottled water. If you want to SAVE students from themselves and the environment from plastic bottles, then why not ban soft drinks? Sounds stupid? Yeah, that's my point.

Bottom Line: Bottled water is no more evil than peanut butter; plastic bottles are not worse than glass bottles. Pay attention to the real problem (litter, water quality, sustainable extractions), not just a business that is correlated with poor management of resources.

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  1. Hi David,
    I agree that we should focus on ALL forms of waste and plastic pollution. I also agree that a ban on bottled water on campuses is stupid.

    However, I do think that water is in a class of its own. There needs to be advocacy to promote tap water over bottled water for most locations/situations. Water is unique in that tap water is a clear alternative that is much cheaper and more regulated in terms of quality. Generally consumers can't just go to the tap with a reusable bottle and fill it up with peanut butter (some health food stores aside). A cool approach is to have a table display showing how much water you get with $1 spent in a bottle vs. from tap. Maybe that would get people's attention. The same arguments probably won't get people to stop buying all other beverages that come in bottles like soft drinks, however, because tap water is not perceived as a direct substitute beverage.


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