13 Oct 2011

Anything but water

  • All watched over by Machines of Loving Grace [more info] is a three-part BBC series on the interaction of self-organizing computer networks, ecosystems with their feedback loops, crashes and evolution, and the struggle between conservative and radical political movements. I recommend highly this deeply profound series.

  • Singapore's government bans the "Singapore Complaints Choir" for... complaining singing? Listen!

  • USDA criticizes a report critical of biofuels (yawn) with a total disregard for facts. Tell me, again, what the USDA does for the American People?

  • A TEDx talk on Bhutan's pursuit of Gross National Happiness, a goal that does not necessarily require consumption and economic growth.

  • An analysis of the bad judgement (good corruption?) inherent to "investments" by the US government.
    Related: The Economist points out how dangerous governments are for innovation on the internet (showing, once again, that governments should leave the D in R&D to the market)
    Also related: EF tells me his local development authority says they are "Investing in the future today." His analysis: "I may be missing something but I am pretty sure that you can no longer invest in the past or the present so the future is the only thing left." Touché.
H/Ts to CC and MR