9 Sep 2011

Monopolies don't negotiate

As you may know, I do not want to "participate" in Facebook, * but its monopoly power over parts of the internet means that I had to create a new account.

A few notes:

The SJ Mercury News and LA Times -- so far -- require that you have a FB account to comment. This monopoly on commenting is not good for consumers. First, because some people (50 percent of the US population!) do not have FB accounts. These people are excluded from debates. Second, FB's "real people leave better comments" marketing pitch to newspapers excludes trolls at the same time as it excludes people who'd prefer to leave thoughtful, but anonymous comments.

Please do NOT friend me on FB; I'm not adding "friends" there. You can connect to me via LinkedIn. I use Google+ for some social communications, but it's best to email me if you want to REALLY talk :)

Making the best of it, I set up a FB page for The End of Abundance. I will read and reply to comments left on that page. Please "like" the book (see box on right sidebar or click here).

Bottom Line: Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

* If the website is free, then the product is you.


CRG said...

The San Diego Union Tribune is heading down that road as well. I use FB but I always block their tracking scripts and won't use the comment boards on sites that require FB login. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

There are many legitimate reasons for wanting to comment anonymously. I may end up setting up a dummy FB account under Jane Smith or something in order to comment on these boards.

I see plenty of trolls on Facebook comment threads so I am not convinced that requiring a FB login will stop the trolling. Only good moderation can do that, but that requires actual effort.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the San Diego tribune switched to facebook, so we started our own site http://signedoffsandiego.com

to continue our anonymity, now we probably get more comments that their own website.

Come on over, everyone is welcome, and there is no darn rules, plus we have a sports bar, a game room, all sorts of things going on

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