23 Aug 2011

Updated End of Abudance available

I got to California yesterday (flying over the Hoover Dam and a VERY insignificant looking Colorado River) and looked over the paperback proof for version 1.1 of my book.

It looked good, so I approved it to go live on Amazon. I love technology.

You may now buy a dozen copies in any format you want, as long as it's either paperback, Kindle or PDF :)


  1. Hi David,

    Just looking at the errata page on your website and noticed this:

    ALL p. 223

    "Visit www.endofabundance.com for discussion forums, corrections, updates, and a collection of successes and failures related to the materials in this book."

    "Visit www.endofabundance.com for updates, corrections and other materials related this book."

    (...) materials related TO this book (...)

    I don't know if it's a copy-paste mistake but figured you would rather have this flagged.

    Have a good day !


  2. @Maxim -- ARG!! Ok -- I'll add the "to" to version 1.2. Thanks!


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