1 Aug 2011

Speed blogging

  • What happens when the state is broke? Water utilities need to recover their full costs. That's not necessarily bad news if it also frees them from political interference and instability.

  • Interested in presenting on "Managing Scarce Water Resources: From Conflict to Cooperation" in San Francisco on December 5-9? Submit your abstract by August 4 [more info]

  • Got non-revenue?
    18,095 [Chicago] fire hydrants were illegally opened in 2010–a third of them in [poorer] five South and West Side wards. The city water department reports that an open hydrant loses 34,000 gallons per hour
  • Water is NOT the next big investment (b/c it's a LOCAL good, among other reasons).

  • "Colorado River Flood at Top, Drought at Bottom" discusses "unbalanced" supply and demand but fails to mention the need for local and regional balancing (e.g., markets). SOMEONE needs to read my book!

  • Southwest Florida Water Management District has a new Water use permit information manual [PDF] that's 119 pages long. I wonder how many of these pages are necessary (externalities) or not (needless regulation)? I note that this manual covers conjunctive use (simultaneous surface and groundwater), so they are ahead of California.
H/Ts to MD and JY

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