30 Aug 2011

Republicans and regulations

Republicans keep talking about repealing "job-killing regulations" but the uncertainty that they are creating around rules that have been in place for 30 years -- or even 30 days -- is a much bigger problem.

Businesses want predictability and a logical even pace of change, not the hysteric hyperbole and drama that the Republicans are "delivering."

Bottom Line: Republicans more likely to hurt business than help it in their quest to blow things up.


Jay said...

I agree with your analysis of the economy harming uncertainty caused by political posturing, but I am surprised that you single out Republicans. President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and other Democrats have taken a page from FDR's misguided attacks businesses that help prolong and deepen the Great Depression.

RM said...

I have become a little worried about you. Are you alright? You're not feeling light-headed or anything? Maybe you had some bad dihydrogen monoxide somewhere.

Because to a hear a libertarian suggest that proposals to reduce regulation are not good seems incongruous to me. I had to read and re-read your post a couple times to make sure it said what it seemed to say.

Maybe some big-government gremlins got in your computer and typed.

It is rare that I think you are 100% wrong. In fact, I guess that I agree with about 85% of the stuff you write that I understand (I am not an expert in water issues). But in this case, wow!

Obama's 2009 inauguration brought behind it a gale-force wind of new regulations. It was no mere gust, but has strengthened into a veritable hurricane in which the president has been using agencies to legislate by writing rules that have the same effects as proposed laws that Congress refused to pass. In addition, there have been frequent threats and attempts to raise income taxes on people making over $250,000, a large number of whom are small business owners. Income taxes, especially those for high earners, are essentially taxes on capital formation, so these threats very much are directed at business. These are the things that worry businesses and bring a sense of uncertainty.

Republicans promising relief offer a glimmer of hope.

David Zetland said...

@Jay -- both parties are guilty (both parties, frankly, suck) -- and I agree that political interference is bad, no matter what directio nit comes from.

@RM -- along the lines of Jay's comment, my main complaint of the republicans is that MOST of them are BIG government types -- not the small government folks that we have not seen since... before my lifetime (Nixon was big on regulations/War on Drugs; Reagan was an imperialist; GWB2 was the biggest expansionist of stupid that I've experienced).

I am NOT opposed to reducing regulations -- esp. stupid regulations -- but the Rs are ideological in their mission -- talking about shutting down the EPA when that dept may be the best example of a NEEDED govt dept (we could double EPA and still do good. We could cut DoD by 75% and still be safe).

High income taxes, per se, are not a problem in countries where people get their money's worth (I live in Holland, remember), but they are a waste of $$ in the US b/c the gov't is ineffective and rich people have largely opted out of public services.

The Rs are bringing more uncertainty than hope these days. It would be MUCH better to see Congress agree on a roadmap to streamline regulations, taxes, etc., but both sides are interested in loopholes for their $ backers.

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