17 Aug 2011

Let's get real

It's increasingly obvious to me that no human or natural actions are going to limit climate change. The question then is what adaptation steps to take to minimize personal and social harm.

On a personal level, I am planning to live in places with good institutions for managing water (yes, Amsterdam; no, Los Angeles). I still have enough economic "potential" to insure myself against harm, but there will be more tragic "accidents."

On a social level, I'm working for (and hoping for) water policies that integrate water scarcity (or abundance) into people's decisions. It's obvious that water prices can accomplish this task by fluctuating, but there are many other possible actions. Some of these actions can complement accurate water pricing, but none should be used as a substitute.

What do YOU think about these ideas? Do you agree on CC? If yes or no, what actions are you taking on a personal level? What actions should we take on a social level?