26 Aug 2011

Examples of good water management institutions?

TS writes:
In the End of Abundance and Aguanomics, you continuously make reference to the importance of good institutions in water management/policy making. I agree 100% and have written about this before. However, I could use a few articles (that guide some of your arguments) that directly speak to institutions for in my on-going paper on climate change adaptation and water. Do you have any articles/links that can point me to the importance of institutions in water?
Good question.

I sent back these quick examples (over 500 posts on this blog cover "institutions"):
I'd love to have more examples; please describe successful water management institutions in the comments or -- if it's a good example -- email me your entry for the contest.

Bottom Line: Institutions can have formal property rights and prices -- or not -- all that matters is that they do a decent job at efficiently and fairly managing scarce water.