21 Jul 2011

Poll results -- Eco-pets

Hey! There's a new poll (distant relations) on the right sidebar! ===>
Pets are good for the environment...(choose one)
Nope 46%29
Yes if they are cute 16%10
Yes if they are eaten 17%11
Yes if they are outdoors 11%7
Yes if they are small enough 10%6
63 votes total

Pets don't come out good in this one. Large, foul-tasting, ugly indoor pets appear to be bad for the environment (and maybe just plain bad). Small, cute outdoor pets that are eaten may be the way of the future. Squirrels maybe?

Bottom Line: We usually do things that make us happy, not because it's the "right" thing to do. Does that mean we need to redefine "right"or "happy""?

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