25 Jul 2011

My recent talks

SF: Meditation Mondays and Sexy Salad :)
I did one on The End of Abundance to people running eco-start ups in San Francisco [58 min 13 MB MP3] and another to the US Army Corps of Engineers in Virginia [60 min 14 MB MP3].

Sorry -- you may have to turn up the volume.

Then I talked to members of the National Ground Water Association [30 min 22 MB MP3]

Title: Unsustainable groundwater management: Robbing from your neighbors or yourself?

Summary: Aquifers are complicated, but groundwater management institutions are more complex. Sometimes they match the complexity of the aquifer, but it's more common to have mismatched institutions that reflect past conditions, asymmetric power relations, and external influences. I will discuss a typical profile of unsustainable management, some simple economic tools for managing groundwater, and speculate on why those tools are not often used.

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