4 Jul 2011

Anything but water

  • Think about this: "global exploration budgets [for fossil energy] will rise by some 14% in 2011, to $533 billion"

  • Yet another editorial pointing out how stupid and wasteful ethanol subsidies are. (Oh, and a good way to make poor hungry people hate Americans who think self-sufficiency is better than trade. Hungry people are easy to recruit for terrorism.)

  • Speaking of stupid, Oil refiners will pay $6 million in fines to the government for failing to mix adequate amounts of cellulosic ethanol into their gasoline. Why? The stuff doesn't exist in sufficiently cheap quantities.

  • Lynne @ KP describes a rare instance of "calling back" political bribes (around the Fiesta Bowl).

  • Environmental Working Group continues to go after farm subsidies. This LA Times blog post describes how $394 million was paid to people living in "big" cities (>100,000 people). Subsidies don't go to "family farms" as much as farmers with the scale and sophistication to grow stuff that attracts money (some of these farmers also influence how laws are written and implemented, i.e., facilitate corruption).