7 Jun 2011

Speed blogging

  • Git yer discursives ready! "This special issue will focus explicitly on instances of “water grabbing”, where powerful actors are able to reallocate to their own benefits water resources already used by local communities or feeding aquatic ecosystems on which their livelihoods are based, as well as processes of contestation and resistance." Abstracts due 30 June.

  • More details on China's move to "full stupid" in shifting water to the North (can someone tell them about the demand side?) Don't listen to me. Listen to Jim Rogers (a partner of George Soros), who says that China's number one problem will be water.

  • Jamie Workman explains the death spiral -- "If you voluntarily reduce use I must protect my revenues by punishing you with higher rates per unit" -- and how to escape it.

  • The 2010 Water Integrity Network report on corruption in the water sector covers 13 countries and appears to be stakeholder- and milestone- driven. Does it accomplish anything? In totally related news, there's Water and Sanitation Services in Europe: Do Legal Frameworks provide for "Good Governance"?. Someone needs to compare the findings of these two reports!

  • Spanish farmers are taking desalinated water and public subsidies and STILL overdrafting groundwater. Why? "agricultural usage continues to rise, driven by increased cultivation of thirsty crops and inefficient irrigation practices encouraged by access to virtually free water resources."
H/Ts to DL, RO and JWT