4 Jun 2011

Flashback: 29 May -- 4 Jun 2010

A year old and still worth a read...

Unsustainable hypocrisy -- did the American Power Act do any good for the environment or was it just wasteful spending?

BEST: Regarding oil -- some profound thoughts (by someone else!) on the tradeoffs between lifestyle and environment. Speaking of which, here's an interesting discussion of The environmental impact of countries

Water chat with Tom Lauria -- bottled water is a consumer product not the end of civilization.

BEST: Water chat with Jay Wetmore -- a wide-ranging discussion on infrastructure policy.

Insuring against nature (as in volcanoes)


  1. The APA didn't do any good for the environment, and it wasn't wasteful spending, because it never reached a vote on the Senate floor.

  2. @Alex -- Hahahaha. Thanks for that update on effective government :)


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