19 Jun 2011

Flashback: 12 -- 18 Jun 2010

A year old and still worth reading...

More war at MWD -- from what I understand, San Diego is still battling MWD. When will they read my dissertation and adopt its recommendations to end this pointless battle?

Travelblog: Fiji environment (went to Fiji; didn't drink Fiji Water).

The Limits to Growth -- The Review -- a book that every politician (and citizen) should read -- if only to understand the relations between resources and the environment.

Crude World -- The Review -- great book on the politics of oil. This week's Economist notes that oil "benchmark" prices are starting to disagree (supply! demand! politics!)

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  1. I was not following this blog 1 year ago and found your review of Club of Rome's report to be fascinating.

    I think I have a reason why people don't want to hear the fact that continuous growth is unsustainable. The only way capitalism is not a zero sum game is for the pie to become ever bigger. So when growth is good, everyone gets happy. When growth stalls or there is a contraction, then suddenly there are significant losers and the fights, blaming, etc. start. (sound familiar?)

    Just my $.02 worth,


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