27 Jun 2011

The End of Abundance on Kindle

Now available for $9.99 at Amazon.com.


  1. Question from the curious: why Kindle and not other services like Apple's bookstore? PS I just bought the Kindle version, very excited to get into it. Congrats David!

  2. @Alex -- I don't know how to get into the Apple bookstore (tell me if it's a good idea), but you can get a PDF version for the IPad. I prefer the PDF, since it's got better page formatting). Still learning...

  3. I see no advantages to going for the Apple bookstore. It does have a nice reading app for the ipad, but there is also a Kindle and a Nook (Barnes and Noble) and many pdf readers. I don't think there will be a significant number of readers gained from having it in the Apple Bookstore. I use the Kindle app unless I can't find the book and it's available in Apple (Colossus is one case that this happened).


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