13 Jun 2011

The End of Abundance is for sale!

There are permanent links on the right sidebar. I won't make too many more announcements like this (assuming you buy all the available copies  :)

Go here for a description of the book, sample chapters, videos where I discuss the book, blurbs, discussion forums, etc.

Go here if you want to buy the paperback on Amazon ($20) or my online store ($18). You can also buy a PDF version of the book for $10.

I should have Kindle and ePUB versions ready by 25 June.

If you're looking for some fun, then click here to browse and search the book via google.


  1. 2 months shipping to Oz!!! 'Waiting' for Kindle is much quicker.

  2. ...and cheaper ... and environmentally friendly!

  3. got the pdf!! will not read it...
    i will study it for sure!!
    congrats on the release!!
    best of lucks to what it needs to be an important reference on the econ of water!!


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