24 Jun 2011

Anything but water

  • Economists can learn from ecologists; they describe evolutionary traits in terms of function, history, mechanism, and developmental context. The same categories could be used to understand the evolution of human institutions.

  • Robert Reich explains US economic failure in just over 2 minutes (he covers revenues but misses the importance of wasteful spending and poor regulation). Along the same lines (government for sale), he bashes the military-congressional complex. Good excuse to cut defense [sic!] spending.

  • Semi-related: this interesting article compares the lifestyles of the "middle class" in Liberia, Indonesia and the Netherlands. This Berkeley-based blogger describes how he worked for five years and then retired as a thirty-something who wanted to live life more than work it.

  • Thomas Sowell explains why bankers have more incentive to serve society than teachers (hint: competition).

  • Happy trees: California revokes a rule requiring telecoms to deliver phone books for white pages; now we need an opt-out for yellow pages.
H/Ts to RM and HZ

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