10 Jun 2011

Agricultural water update

  • Colorado Supreme Court upholds limits on transfer of water rights [consumption only, boys]

  • California's DWR attempts to gut legislation requiring farmers to measure (!) their water diversion. I didn't think it would get worse, but DWR comes through with even more FAIL.

  • Europe (and the Netherlands) is in drought. Bad for harvests AND the environment.

  • Extensive modifications to the Mississippi (to "control" floods and facilitate navigation) mean that Louisiana is shrinking. Not good for wetlands, fisheries, or soil fertility.

  • China is also destroying agriculture and the environment as it moves water to high priority ($ and politics) uses.

  • India (home of the License Raj that strangles businesses in red tape) is planning to put regulators in charge of water prices to farmers. That may be a better alternative to politicians, but it's not nearly as good as setting prices in water markets (100% accurate and guaranteed to balance supply and demand!)

  • Increased diversions of the Nile (in Ethiopia and Sudan) threaten agricultural output in Egypt. Seems like Egypt needs to (1) start to manage its water more wisely and (2) make a deal with neighbors who control its water supply.
H/Ts to DL, RM and MV


DW said...

Let's see. You lived in California and we had a drought. You moved to the Netherlands and now they're in a drought. Maybe you're like that truck driver in Douglas Adams book "So long and thanks for all the fish". Wherever he drove his big truck, it was always raining. Turned in the end that he was Thor, the god of storms. Maybe you'll turn out to be the god of droughts.

David Zetland said...

@DW -- maybe I should tell locals that I will leave if they buy my book. The economic solution to water scarcity CAUSED BY DAVID is to pay him to leave :)

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