12 May 2011

Speed blogging

  • Nestle's chairman says that water exchanges (markets) are part of the solution to feeding the world. That's true, in the sense that water needs to go to the most valuable uses, but food may not result while stupid policies are in place. Brazil, for example, is importing ethanol from the US. It's cheaper to produce it in Brazil, but the US government subsidizes corn ethanol production.

  • A water utility is refunding excess use charges to heavy water users because a water shortage did not materialize. This is a bad idea: (1) maybe the charges worked, (2) future conservation is discouraged, and (3) customers will not believe that that shortages are possible. It would have been better to refund water to ALL customers.

  • Cadillac Desert and more: "Powell’s Prophecy offered a startling prediction: If you took all the surface water flowing between the Columbia River and the Gulf of Mexico and spread it out evenly, you’d still have a desert."

  • Afghanistan Human Development Report 2011 (“The Forgotten Front: Water Security and The Crisis in Sanitation") offers a comprehensive overview of water issues in Afghanistan.

  • Circle of Blue reports that water prices in US cities have gone up (higher costs). Unfortunately, they have no data on water consumption or average water bills.
H/Ts to JC and DR

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benjaminpink said...

David, when you said "It would have been better to refund water to ALL customers" did you mean refund water or refund money?

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