3 May 2011

Speed blogging

  • An essay and photos of the living and dying Aral Sea PLUS 180pp of papers from a 2002 Asian Development Bank workshop on water in Central Asia!

  • Agriculture 1, environment 0: "The Spanish supreme court has backed the government’s right to transfer water from one region to another, overruling the requirements of regional environmental regulations."

  • Energy 1, environment 0: China's dams will harm fisheries and ecosystems in India and Southeast Asia. I predicted these problems in 2008.

  • The Governor of Texas asks people to pray for rain (during the Easter weekend, conveniently). I suggest he pray for more economics in Texas water policy.

  • "Urban water in Australia: future directions considers whether the sector's underlying institutional and policy settings need reshaping to improve performance now and in the future, and sets out the Commission's findings and recommendations."
H/Ts to KB, MC, DL, TS and MV

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