2 May 2011

Poll results -- windmills!

Hey! There's a new poll (water, war and peace) on the right sidebar ===>
Do you like the new header (windmills!) for the blog?
Yes 76%25
No 15%5
Don't see the economic angle 9%3
33 votes total
Glad that most of you like the photo. That's the best "yes" result we've had here, in my memory :)

Would the no voters please send their photo suggestions?

FYI, the economic angle on windmills is that they were used to pump water off land that was then used to grow crops (land surrounded by dikes that's lower than surrounding waters is called a polder in Dutch). Windmills were also used to grind grain for bread. Pretty handy in a country with lots of wind but not many rivers (for water wheels).

Bottom Line: Machines that take advantage of natural flows can be pretty.