14 May 2011

Flashback: 8--14 May 2010

Only one year old? These are still really cool!

Who wins business plan competitions? Still an interesting insight on why 2nd (and 5th!) place matters.

Human rights FAIL -- I still can't believe that anyone takes General Comment 15 seriously (what were they smoking?) The UN folks need to listen to some straight talk on human rights and water from Singapore.

Bleg: Increasing block rates -- still no evidence that they are used outside regulated industries (bad sign), but some interesting comments on overtime and progressive taxes.

We're not number one! 25 comments, mostly claiming that the US is indeed #1 (more emotion than reason). That post led me to write a longer comment on development and Institutions

California corruption -- Katherine Hart's husband lobbied her agency, and she's still on its board. FAIL.

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