21 May 2011

Flashback: 15--21 May 2010

A year old and still worth a read...

How the rich get by -- stealing water to fill their pools!

BEST: The growth zombie is back -- Vegas started building more houses. How's that looking, a year later?

Water use, by county and sector -- useful US data

BEST: Poll Results -- What's it worth? Readers get about $100,000 in benefits from this blog. Yay! (Anyone know a good way to survey readers? I'm interested in professions, education, demographics, etc. not for advertising!)

Speaking of consumptive use -- a nice diagram linking water flows to money.

Privacy? What privacy? Identity theft, via photocopier hard drives (in all of them!)

BEST: I'm NOT on California's Water Commission, but what have they done in the past year? They have monthly meetings and appear to "quantify public benefits" from water programs. Are they having a (positive) impact anywhere?


  1. You did a poll regarding subscription to Aguanomics. How do other blogs capture financial support? What do the guys at Environmental Economics do? Brad Delong? Others?

    David, how can you quantify the value you bring? Is it worth a annual subscription along the same as NPR? I sense you want to explore the range of possibilities and ask your readers. I’ll bid $75 for a six-month subscription.

    What are your costs and what do you need to break even?

  2. @RM -- the guys @ EE get some money from ads -- maybe $500 per year. I get some from ads too (I think about $500 over the past 2 years), but I don't allow intrusive ads, and don't count on making a living off ads.

    The poll was a year ago; I was interested in value more than sub revenue (some people with vale of $100/r won't pay anything b/c they can get another blog "worth" $99 for free). Thanks for the vote of support, but I do this MOSTLY b/c I like talking water economics with people; I also get name recognition, some speaking/consulting gigs, and new research ideas, so the benefit/cost ratio is over 1.00 by quite aways...

    My costs, btw, are basically $20 for ad-free polls and about 500 hrs/year. @ $100/hr (really?!), that's $50,000 -- but nobody is offering me that (or I won't take it :)

  3. Sat in on a CWC meeting.... Why are farmers so fearful of accurately measuring how much water they use? Are they cheating somehow? It would seem that if a water agency is mandated to meter water at the turnouts, then they ‘simply’ need to tell the farmers, if you want water, then you shall allow the district to install and monitor how much water (volume) is consumed by your field. Okay fine, thank you for your help to be good citizens!


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