8 May 2011

Flashback: 1--7 May 2010

Worth a read, a year later...

Is airport security bureaucratic or effective? I just spent 2.5 hrs going through Israeli security. Since they are effective (and annoying!), I reckon that most of the rest of the security in the world is not.

I've applied for California's Water Commission! They didn't hire me. See the results?

BEST: Feinstein's Jeckyll and Hyde -- Great example of a politician talking out of both sides of her face in ONE speech. One minus one does not equal two, but it may equal re-election.

BEST: Subsidized or not? It's complicated. Speaking of complicated, read about groundwater marketing and regulation

BEST: Poll Results -- IMHO: The tricky business of communicating criticism.

Useless stimulus and phoney green jobs: The US government did not appear to help by much but that money is gone. Speaking of stimulus, I still have no data or analysis on the effectiveness of Turkey's GAP Anyone?

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  1. "37. Please explain why you wish to serve in the Schwarzenegger Administration."

    I think the application you sent in was out of date. Schwarzenegger is no longer governor. Just the fact that you sent in an obsolete application form from a foreign country can't help your chances of getting appointed.

    Just kidding.


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