9 May 2011

Anything but water

  • Is sugar toxic? In excess, it may even causing cancer and heart disease (H/T to JWT)

  • Carbon dumping: Rich countries are using MORE carbon when we count the carbon from goods produced in developing countries but consumed in developed countries. This fact should be at the center of ANY international agreement on carbon.

  • Wow. Republicans have really gone nuts in trying to cut funding for information on energy that contradicts their world view (oil burning = good).

  • About 11 percent of land [in Dutch; view with Google translate] the Netherlands is "natural." The rest has been modified by humans. (I took lowest figures for woodlands -- ignoring plantations and secondary growth -- ignored water and counted ALL "nature") What's the statistic for the US? Canada?

  • An important paper on the mechanics of climate change: higher temperatures > need to redistribute heat > intensified hydrological cycle > heavier weather "events" = greater water flows.