9 May 2011

Anything but water

  • Is sugar toxic? In excess, it may even causing cancer and heart disease (H/T to JWT)

  • Carbon dumping: Rich countries are using MORE carbon when we count the carbon from goods produced in developing countries but consumed in developed countries. This fact should be at the center of ANY international agreement on carbon.

  • Wow. Republicans have really gone nuts in trying to cut funding for information on energy that contradicts their world view (oil burning = good).

  • About 11 percent of land [in Dutch; view with Google translate] the Netherlands is "natural." The rest has been modified by humans. (I took lowest figures for woodlands -- ignoring plantations and secondary growth -- ignored water and counted ALL "nature") What's the statistic for the US? Canada?

  • An important paper on the mechanics of climate change: higher temperatures > need to redistribute heat > intensified hydrological cycle > heavier weather "events" = greater water flows.


Jay said...

The book, Sugar Blues, was first published in the mid to late 1970's. It was an over-the-top condemnation of refined sugars. Taubes' article is more cautionary.

It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that U.S. sugar producers are protected from international competition by tariffs and other means.

Bottom Line: Sometimes the costs of avoiding potential risks are small.

Anonymous said...

So, for cutting the wrong spending, you dis Republicans. Careful sir! I am one! :) I would say that all government spending is suspect, and government research is included. There is not any reason I can think of to value government research above or even at par with private research.

We all have our pets that we don't want harmed. Me too. Yet even defense spending (my pet) must be cut. At this point, I am not sure there is a wrong cut to be made.

David Zetland said...

@Anon -- I was commenting on their ideological opposition that does not appear to have any foundation in reason or logic. You need to talk to the Central Command.

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