9 Apr 2011

Flashback: 3 -- 9 Apr 2010

Dated but still interesting...

Some thoughts on sustainability -- I was wondering what the opposite of shortage was. It's obviously surplus. (What was I thinking?) But what do we call a surplus of environment? Speaking of that... We can learn from savages -- from Heart of Dryness to sustainability.

BEST: Bureaucratic goals and others obligations -- we are missing the MDGs for water, still, obviously. Reminds me of Easterly's April Fools (but too true) post on fail at the UN.

Anti-Westlands hysteria -- sometimes people go too far, but so does Westlands when they are lying. For balance, read Politics, lies and opportunism.

The Story of Bottled Water is about 70% right, but totally irrelevant (it's a consumer product, like an iPad).

BEST: 20x2020 is wrongheaded and doomed to fail. Hey! whatever happened to this IMPORTANT program?

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