30 Apr 2011

Flashback: 24 -- 30 Apr 2010

A little old and a lot relevant...

Futuristic plastic is present-day pollution -- why we need to improve incentives to prevent plastic litter.

Food Inc -- The Review More reasons why I am a vegetarian in the US, but not in lots of other countries (am I wrong? tell me about meat quality in Europe)

Tolerance takes work.

Water Policy in Spain -- The (mini) Review -- Full of institutional details; I just used invoked many of them in a paper on water markets in Europe.

I'm in the right club (Asit Biswas and I agree on why the Millennium Development Goals are failing)

But there are STILL no free lunches!


  1. It made me think of the system in Valencia. The Moors established an oral court system which meets once or twice a month (I can't remember as it's been far too long.) wherein a tribunal hears arguments from each county of the province. It is the oldest uninterrupted court in Europe, I believe. They take complaints from individuals who have concerns about how neighbours are using their allotment.

  2. @ER -- Yes, I know of the tribunals. They date from the Moorish time or even earlier, but some people tell me they are mostly defunct, except as a tourist attraction...

  3. When my wife and I were there studying and teaching in the region it didn't seem like it was much of a tourist attraction if that really was the purpose. It was, in general, a bunch of old Spaniards dressed in black most speaking Valenciano. The few I saw by chance being in the city that day only lasted 30 minutes at the most since the majority of the counties had no cases.

    There was a bit of pageantry, as one would expect with the length of the tradition, though not ostentatious. I understood it to be more the first level of courts for complaints. Though it was binding, the subsequent appeals would be in modern settings with all the trappings we would expect in metropolitan legal settings.


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