16 Apr 2011

Flashback: 10 -- 16 Apr 2010

A little old and a lot relevant...

Travelblog: Unsustainable agriculture in NZ -- not sure of updates; earthquakes have dominated events.

Gubmint and How Gubmint Works (or fails) leads us to Polling the Tea Baggers -- people want less government and more services. Still true, for both parties :(

BEST: California desalination costs over $2,000/af* -- Still a good report. I heard numbers of over $5,000/af recently. That's when you include financing and regulatory costs...

My talk on oil and water in SoCal -- it was a few weeks before the Deep Horizon spill. I spoke on the cheap water that drove sprawl, which increased the demand for oil.

BEST: Monday Funnies -- wear sunscreen is SO wise.

BEST: Cheap water for the rich means less water for the poor and Forbes and the market for ideas -- Forbes printed my article on a human right to water via property rights. Nothing happened. Of course nothing happened for the "legislate human rights to water" crowd either. I got an email from them last week, affirming a right to water (again). Whoop de do. I'll be debating Winonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch next Tuesday in Berlin on cost-recovery pricing. Should be interesting.


  1. Hi David.

    I am a undergrad in economics from Sweden and i have watched your lectures in resource economics on youtube. I just wanted to tell you I think you are great. Do you have any more lectures on film availible?

  2. @gurbraj -- thanks! no, no more lectures... for now :)


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