1 Mar 2011

Speed blogging

  • Jamie Workman talks [PDF] to the American Water Works Association about sound water management in Botswana. My favorite: "Q: Why can't rate restructuring promote stewardship by each person just as well?" Jamie gives a good answer, and it doesn't involve water managers controlling water resources.

  • Wow! Water Conveyance Systems in California: Historic Context Development and Evaluation Procedures [PDF] -- A 200pp report from 2000 that covers development from the Indians through mining to the State Water Project. Includes 80 pages of appendices (listing of all systems in the State and description of conveyance components).

  • This 2008 paper [pdf] just re-surfaced. In it, Grafton and Ward calculate that watering restrictions reduced personal welfare of Sydney residents by approximately AUD 55 each per year (relative to price rationing). That's the equivalent to adding about 50 percent to the average water bill.

  • "Entitlement, Water Resources, and the Common Good," an interesting paper [pdf] by a lawyer who discusses human rights, property rights, litigation, markets and communal water management, as applied to Oregon and the Klamath Basin.

  • Cool. Reduce water losses by lining storage, covering reservoirs or irrigating -- with fabric.
H/T to RM.

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