11 Mar 2011

Simple metering

Amsterdam does not have a water shortage problem, so people read their meter once per year, send in the card, and then pay their bill. (Lying about your use -- understating the value -- doesn't work: The meter is confirmed when a house or apartment is sold.) Cheap and effective, the way the Dutch like it :)

Bottom Line: Water billing should reflect priorities -- e.g., saving water or saving effort -- for customers.

H/T to Anne, my lovely housemate girlfriend :)


  1. Wait, when did you move to Wageningen? Crazy coincidence! I was studying organic agriculture (MOA) there from September '10-January '11 after graduating from Berkeley. Now I transferred to Uni-Goettingen. How does it feel to be working in a Dutch uni versus Californian ones?

  2. @Krystal -- well, you shoulda told me! :) The environment is similar (do RESEARCH), but the people are friendlier (come drink coffee!) and the building is empty late in the afternoon. Just a few first impressions...


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