5 Mar 2011

Flashback: 27 Feb -- 5 Mar

One year old and still worth reading...

Minimize individual water consumption -- using some data and peer pressure. On a related note, read Self-interest and community for some comments on the ways people interact and Free water and Father Christmas as to why water conservation is not part of most people's consciousness.

Who is responsible? A moral question If you work for the military, are you personally responsible for war? If you work for Wall Street, are you personally responsible for the financial crisis? Yes. Speaking of morality, I say a few things on the rationality of religion

Trade is good for us! All of us? The case and the caveats...

1 comment:

  1. "Christianity is just another religion, and religions are good for
    social order and personal happiness."

    I would have replaced 'religions are good' with 'religions can be good'


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