19 Mar 2011

Flashback: 13--19 Mar

One year old and still worth reading...

Politicians extending their monopoly is about the UN's human right to water, and Catarina de Albuquerque (the UN rep) recently visited the US, to "observe" the situation. My impression is that she was looking for publicity and that the whole "campaign" is stupid in countries where institutions, not money, is the issue. That's the case where water quality is poor (in the US) or water managers are corrupt (in most developing countries).

Water chat with Mike Young -- An economist at the center (centre!) if Australia's debates over water policy and water markets, and Water chat with Tom Rooney -- the guy who makes lots of trades in those markets.

Obey! Sometimes "no" is the right answer -- especially when it comes to uncomfortable truths -- something I discussed at length in DC this week, where I realized the value of my independence in thinking and speaking out on water issues.

Feinstein's special special interests -- not much new on this recently. Is Westlands happy with rainfall?

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