21 Feb 2011

Speed blogging

  • House Urged to Cut Back After Bottled-Water Tab Nears $1 Million -- this headline reflects the poor quality of DC tap water, the ability of the rich to opt out of the system, and the use of taxpayer money to do so.

  • Potavida makes a "safe water indicator" for people using U/V for decontamination. It costs $2 and works for 5 years, on many bottles. Get more info at their site.

  • Engineers without Borders has a new blog on Admitting Failure. This post is about failure on a Malawi water project. For NGOs on a less-noble course, Christopher Gasson asks if they (e.g., the water footprint people) are more interested in numbers (e.g., their salaries) than helping poor people. That post is a follow-up on his brilliant critique of useless stakeholders:
    Electricity companies don’t consult all the stakeholders before they put up the price of electricity. Nor do supermarkets worry for a minute about their stakeholders before they put up the price of food. But put up the price of water, and the stakeholders must have their say.
    Also see this week's Economist for the blow up about wasting money ("training conferences") at the Global Fund for Aids, etc.

  • Fleck writes "A new Stockholm Environmental Institute analysis of water supply and demand in the Southwestern United States suggests we’re screwed." Our mysterious correspondent adds: "this level of groundwater overdraft is why I do not believe that there are large quantities of water to be gained from agricultural water conservation."
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