10 Feb 2011

Speed blogging

  • Australian floods = more supply: "In early December prices for Temporary water in the Southern Murray Darling Basin were at $30 per ML and have dropped steadily through the month down to near $20 per ML on average," according to from Waterfind's 12 Jan newsletter. (I read somewhere that Brisbane is having the opposite problem: floods are polluting drinking water sources, so they are using more desalination.)

  • An interesting essay on LADWP's efforts to revive (or bury) Owens Lake. Interesting fact: LA has already spent $540 million (or was it $1 billion?) on dust control, with $18 million/year in maintenance. Water from elsewhere to replace Owens water would cost $75 million per year (but save $18 million). That's the price of restoring Owens Lake. NB: Author rebutted in comments.

  • A Powerpoint show (just hit play) with lots of pretty water photos

  • Poor tap water quality leads to higher bottled water consumption [pdf]. (Competition! Like I hoped!)

  • Orchard land with better water supplies (east side of the Central valley) sells for more than land facing political and environmental cuts to supplies.

  • New Tech: Using iron ferrites to clean 75m liters of water/day -- from the back of a pickup truck.
H/Ts to BK and AZ


  1. The Owens Lake essay really is interesting; better than I'd expected. When you say "Author rebutted" I take it you refer to the comment from Ted Schade of GBAPCD; which reads to me more of a reaction to the tone of the essay than a rebuttal of the arguments. He's obviously proud of the progress that has been made, and disappointed that the author chose to tell a different story. He thinks the glass is 90% full, and she thinks it's still a dry lake bed...

    If DWP could replace the Owens River water for $57M/yr (net cost), why don't they? Where would that water come from?

  2. @Tim -- Schade is not upset as much as disagreeing, but it's obviously the best view of a dead lake. That $57million/yr is the cost of WATER, which may not be as easy to get as money :)


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