9 Feb 2011

Speed blogging -- Read this!

My inbox is FULL! Take a minute to look through these -- and try to read them...

  • California Public Utilities Commission's Policy & Planning Division has released a white paper [pdf] that looks at the potential of imposing a "public goods charge" on groundwater withdrawals in order to achieve conservation and efficiency goals. You can comment on the report HERE. There are just 2 comments so far -- and this paper was written in seven months ago!
  • "The core concept of the Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater System Project is that sustainable management of groundwater is feasible only if users understand its occurrence, cycle, and limited availability." Read more here -- also with a link to a 2010 World Bank report on sustainable g/w use in India.
  • An entire website devoted to Sustainable Water Resources. On a similar note, this page is devoted to sustainable water use in Minnesota (lots of money being spent to maintain the Great Lakes).
  • "This dissertation [pdf] analyzes whether households in India’s semi-arid regions are likely to voluntarily cooperate in the maintenance of soil and water conservation (SWC) investments." It depends, of course, but the author uses surveys, trust experiments and data to conclude that "trust is higher in homogeneous communities and that it is a significant determinant of the household’s willingness to contribute to SWC maintenance..." There's lots more, so dig in.
  • An excellent report on the opportunity cost of water used for electricity generation in the Western US. Uses water prices and environmental impacts.
H/Ts to LG, RG, RM, DR, SS, TS and JW

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stickman said...

Thanks for the link to that report on the opportunity cost of water use in electricity generation...

I see this aspect of the water-energy nexus getting increased attention; I'm doing my MSc thesis on the "supply" side of the equation. (I.e. How water shortages and river temps can impact electricity prices.) Hope to get something publishable out of it... will let you know if I do!

PS - On a completely separate note, has anyone else seen this? http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/feb/08/saudi-oil-reserves-overstated-wikileaks

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