28 Feb 2011

Looking for a water lawyer in Southern California?

Trevor Bisset (Pomona College '10) writes:
I am a recent graduate from Pomona College, majored in Environmental Policy Analysis with a focus in water rights conflicts and brownfields remediation. My focus is largely on water conflicts in California, the CO River Compact, and Texas, but am definitely interested in the lessons that international water resource scarcity holds as well.

I have a question - I know this is a shot in the dark, but do you have any advice or leads for an aspiring water lawyer, with a background in both research and sales, who is looking for a vocationally relevant position in Southern California?

This is an ideal job for me -- solving problems at the nexus of economy, regulation/legislation, and environment in a challenging workplace.

In terms of which "side" I'd eventually be on [I asked if he wanted to sue "polluters" or defend them], it's an interesting question. I got into environmental policy thinking I wanted to sue polluters who weren't being held accountable for injury to local stakeholders, help get their issues on the National Priority List for CERCLA consideration, etc. After doing countless case studies, that seems like an uphill battle with little reward, and I have little interest in helping companies shirk responsibility for dumping perchlorate into rural drinking water supplies. I would rather work in-house for a water resource developer, to provide fresh water in accordance with stakeholder interests and environmental standards. Hopefully that clarifies which side I'm on (the safe clean well-managed water resource side).
If you've got any leads for Trevor, then email or call him (650 465 0103).

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