11 Feb 2011

Greenwashing update

Tom Birmingham claims [pdf] that Westlands is California's economic engine:*
Unfortunately, this allocation forecast also shows how broken California’s water delivery system is... This is further evidence that if we are going to sustain the economy of this state, we have to fix the Delta problem
Westlands Water District's last annual report (2006 [pdf]) does not mention the value of crops grown, but I recollect that Birmingham said WWD crops were worth a billion dollars. Let's double that and then divide by the State's economic output (approximately $1,800 billion). So Westlands farmers are responsible for 2/1800 = 0.001 or one-tenth of one percent of California's economy. I'm not sure that Westlands is "sustaining" very much in the State, but I am sure that the cheap CVP water that taxpayers subsidize for Westlands "sustains" them.

Speaking of delusions, the Water Advocacy Coalition claims that the revocation of a permit for a single coal mining operation will produce:
implications [that] could be staggering, reaching all areas of the U.S. economy including but not limited to the agriculture, home building, mining, transportation and energy sectors...[disallowing the permit will] chill investment and job creation.
Wow. World War III? No. WAC poses as an environmental organization (homepage: protect my water), but they are really a front for a who's who of businesses that prefer "progress" to the environment. I'd prefer them to call their website "exploiting your water."

Bottom Line: Some facts may be obvious, but that doesn't keep people from misrepresenting them as they try to take advantage of trusting people who do not have time to check for lies and deception.

* Birmingham may also claim that Westlands "provides over 50% of the food supply for the United States," but he may be claiming that farmers using BurRec water do that. The first claim is batshit crazy; the second appears to be right -- for ALL irrigated land.

HTs to LC and DG