5 Feb 2011

Flashback: 30 Jan -- 5 Feb

One year old, and still lookin' good:

J David Foster ponders why Indian water managers can't make a shake (I don't think the problem is limited to Indians.)

BEST: Policies for People, not special interests, Part I -- my students give some brilliant solutions to collective action problems (e.g., oil companies lobbying for less regulation). Part II is here.

Travelblog: Incentives on islands -- How the Indonesians struggle with unsustainable tourism. Speaking of pillaging, read these reviews of Avatar and King Leopold's Ghost

BEST: Water is Boring -- and that's why it's so widely mismanaged.

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  1. One of the lessons I learned in DC is that activist groups (Nonprofits, unions, etc) always put up some dire story about shortages, or needs just before Congress sits to consider funding their favorite agency.

    After a few decades of watching this old congressmen don't get alarmed. It s the newbie's that get excited.

    "MWDSC is a political organization that provides water." Once you understand this, it helps see reality through the mist.


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