26 Feb 2011

Flashback: 20 -- 26 Feb

One year ago, these were new. Today, they are still relevant:

Macroeconomic bonanza! A Keynes vs. Hayek rap video (!) which explains their different philosophies; useful when reflecting on how a push-the-string stimulus did little for jobs but expanded the money supply by enough to give us yet another bubble.

Water Chat with Lin Crase -- Learn about the similarities between CA and Australia. Aussie beer accountingOTOH, is about round numbers :)

Reporters doing a good job -- Yes, jobs were lost in Westlands, but there's the rest of the State to notice as well. Too often reporters (and politicians and lobbyists) pay attention to the sore thumb instead of the whole body. (That's a problem when they take blood from elsewhere for that thumb.) But sometimes Politicians do a good job. In San Diego, they were asking how to cut costs, instead of raising fees, but this year they decided to raise rates and sue MWD for "being too expensive."

Energy pricing bleg -- still not sure where energy utilities pay for water extraction/consumption. In NL, they are charged for net extractions, which may cost them nothing.

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